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  • Hire me to do your Google Analytics 4 Migration

    I have done professional GA4 migrations. Hire me to do your Google Analytics 4 migration before your data stops flowing on July 1st. I can do SPA’s migrations that use React or Angular. I can do WordPress GA4 migrations as well or any other Javascript implementation. I can do direct or google tag manager implementations. […]

  • Add Google Tag Manager to an Angular application

    Add Google Tag Manager to an Angular application

    First add the noscript tag to handle cases where javascript is turned off and you still want to capture analytics data. Next add the Google Tag Manager script as far up in the head of your index.html as possible Now the GTM will be ready to use The DataLayer You can see in the above […]

  • Hackathon Submission

    Hackathon Submission

    This is a hackathon project on worked on for EthDenver 2023 For this project I used:

  • JS functions first class objects

    JS functions first class objects

    In JavaScript, functions are considered to be first-class objects. This means that they can be treated just like any other data type, such as strings, numbers, or arrays. For example, just like you can assign a string to a variable, you can also assign a function to a variable. And just like you can pass […]

  • Angular and the declarative programming paradigm

    Angular and the declarative programming paradigm

    Angular is considered to be a declarative programming paradigm because it uses a declarative syntax for building web applications. In declarative programming, developers specify what they want the program to do, rather than how it should be done. This means that developers can focus on the high-level logic of the application, rather than on the […]

  • Jasmine testing framework

    Jasmine testing framework

    Jasmine is a popular open-source testing framework for JavaScript that is used to write and run unit tests for web applications. It is designed to be easy to use and provides a range of features and tools to help you write and run high-quality tests. What is Jasmine? Jasmine is a behavior-driven development (BDD) testing […]

  • Angular and Karma

    Angular and Karma

    Frontend development using Angular Karma testing is a powerful combination for building modern, responsive, and high-performing web applications. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what frontend development with Angular and Karma testing involves, and how these tools can help you create high-quality web applications. What is Angular? Angular is a popular open-source […]

  • Firsties


    Hello this is the first blog post here on this new site. This site is a place for me to reflect on coding and the software engineering profession as someone who is still learning and always trying to get better. It’s a challenge field but also very rewarding and it’s nice to have a career […]